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World’s Most Beautiful, Colorful and Unique Shrimps

Here’s a list of peculiar, attractive and pretty shrimps.

Here they are … the colorful and beautiful ones…

Striped Bumble Bee Shrimp

One of the prettiest species of shrimps is the Striped Bumblebee Shrimp. The beautiful and colorful Striped Bumblebee Shrimp or Gnathophyllum americanum is a shrimp species that can be found in tropical bays, lagoons and reefs.

This brightly-colored creature with blue highlights usually grows to a length of 2.5 cm.  

Heterocarpus ensifer

Heterocarpus ensifer is a colorful deep-water shrimp species that is found in the Atlantic Ocean. Other subspecies of this beautifully colored shrimp can be found in the Pacific Ocean and around the Philippines and Indonesia.

Pederson’s Shrimp

Pederson's Shrimp or Periclimenes pedersoni is a type of cleaner shrimp. The lovely-looking specimen on the above picture was photographed in Bonaire, Dutch Antilles.

Fire Shrimp

Fire Shrimp or Lysmata debelius is a colorful cleaner shrimp species endemic to the Indo-Pacific region. Because of its beautiful appearance, it is popular in the aquarium trade, where it is known as the Blood Shrimp, Fire Shrimp or Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp.

Northern Cleaner Shrimp

The Northern Cleaner Shrimp or Lysmata amboinensis is a colorful omnivorous shrimp species which is widespread in the Red Sea and Tropical Indo-Pacific area. It scavenge and eat parasites and dead tissue making them safe and beneficial in salt water tanks since it clean both the tank and occasionally other fish within the tank.

Common Prawn

Although the Palaemon serratus is commonly called Common Prawn, it is actually a shrimp species. It can be found in the Atlantic Ocean from Denmark to Mauritania. It can be found too in the Black and Mediterranean Seas. It can live up to 5 years.

Cardinal Shrimp

The brightly-colored Cardinal Shrimp or Caridina dennerli is a small shrimp species that can be found in Indonesia. It grows to a length of up to 2.5 cm. It is popularly known as the 'Cardinal Shrimp' in the aquarium trade.

Pink Shrimp

Pink Shrimp or Pandalus borealis is a shrimp species found in cold parts of the Pacic and Atlantic Oceans. It is also known for a variety of common names such as Deepwater Prawn, Deep-sea Prawn, Great Northern Prawn, Crevette Nordique and Northern Shrimp.
It can live up to 8 years and lives at depths of up 1,330 m, usually on soft muddy bottoms, in waters with a temperature of 2–14 °.It can grow up to 16.5 cm. Pink Shrimp are hermaphroditic. They start out male, but after year or two, their testicles turn to ovaries and they complete their lives as females

Spotted Cleaner Shrimp

The Spotted Cleaner Shrimp or Periclimenes yucatanicus is a kind of cleaner shrimp that can be found in the Caribbean Sea. It lives in sea anemone and sways its body and waves its antennae in order to attract fish from which they eat dead tissue, algae, and parasites.

Here they are … the unique and weird-looking ones…

American Ghost Shrimp

The American Ghost Shrimp or Palaemonetes paludosus is a freshwater shrimp species from the Eastern United States. It is also commonly called the Eastern Grass Shrimp and Glass Shrimp. It can grow up to 2.5 cm long and largely transparent.

Australian Tadpole Shrimp

The Australian Tadpole Shrimp or Triops australiensis is a uniquely structured Australian species of Triops. It lives temporary pools of water in the arid regions of the Australian outback.

Cameroon Ghost Shrimp

The Cameroon Ghost Shrimp or Lepidophthalmus turneranus is a ghost shrimp species that lives off the coast of West Africa. It occasionally irrupts into dense swarms, one of which resulted in the naming of the country Cameroon. It can grow up to 14.5 cm long.

Longtail Tadpole Shrimp

The Longtail Tadpole Shrimp or Triops longicaudatus is a freshwater shrimp species that resembles a miniature horseshoe crab. It is characterized by an elongated, segmented body, flattened shield-like brownish carapace covering two thirds of the thorax and two long filaments on the abdomen. Triops refers to its three eyes, and longicaudatus refers to the elongated tail structures. It is found in freshwater ponds and pools, often in places where few higher forms of life can exist. It is one of the oldest animal species still in existence. It is also commonly called American Tadpole Shrimp or Rice Tadpole Shrimp.

Horseshoe Shrimp

The Horseshoe Shrimp or Triops cancriformis is an endangered tadpole shrimp species. It can be found in Europe. It can reach a length of 6 cm in captivity. In their natural habitat, it can grow up to 11 cm. This species is considered to be one of the oldest living species on the planet at around 200 million years old.

Artemia salina

Artemia salina is a very old brine shrimp species that does not appear to have changed in 100 million years. Adults have three eyes and 11 pairs of legs and can grow to about 1.5 cm in size.

Pestarella tyrrhena

Pestarella tyrrhena is an odd-looking crustacean that belongs to mud shrimps. It lives in burrows in shallow sandy parts of the seabed of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. It can grow up to 7 cm and has been used as bait by fishermen for the last 200 years.

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