Monday, September 19, 2011

Amazing Photographs of Group of Animals

Here’s a collection of wonderful photos of groups of animals.

An Army of Crab

A Colony of Royal Penguin

A Shoal of Surgeonfish

Snow Goose Gaggle

A School of Anchovies

A Herd of Goats

A Colony of Penguin

A Bunch of Reindeer

A Colony of Emperor Penguin

A Bloom of Jellyfish

A Colony of Adelie Penguin

A Herd of Wildebeest in the Wild

A Swarm of Ladybug

A Murder of Common Raven

A Troop of Baboon

A Flutter of Monarch Butterflies

A Colony of Bee

An Army of Ant

A Flock of Bird

A Swarm of Herring

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