Saturday, August 20, 2011

Unusual and Fancy But Somehow Interesting Collective Names of Animals

Here are some of the most peculiar collective names of different animal species in the world.

Do Rooks construct building? Well, you should really wonder because a group of Rook is called “building”.

A group of Hawk is called “kettle” or “boil”. Did you see the connection? You boil water in a kettle.

The best quotations for birds –“Birds of the same feather flock together”. A group of bird is called “flock”.

Ants are the defenders of the animal world. Why? A group of ant is called “army”. Well, you can also call them colony, bike, nest and swarm.

Will you consider fishes as educators or as students? Well, a group of fish is called “school”. They can also be called “shoal”.

Apes are regarded as the most intelligent animals excluding humans. They are intelligent but somehow they are shrewd hence, a group of ape is called “Shrewdness”. It can also be called “troop”.

The lawmakers of the animal kingdom are the Baboons and Galagos? Why is it so? Yes, because a group of Baboon and Galagos is called “congress”. Flange, troop or tribe is also applicable.

Are Asses/Donkeys the musicians of the animal world? Of course not, but their group is called a “band”.

Camels are regarded as “Ships ofthe Desert” because they are the toughest animals that can be utilized for transportation in arid areas. So, their group really deserves to be called “train”.

A group of cockroach is called “intrusion”. This name seems applicable to them because all they do is intrude in human dwellings.

Do crows really kill? I never heard them killing but a group of crow is called “murder”.

In what way can you compare a group of deer to flowers? A group of deer is called “bunch”.

What kind of business do Ferrets do? I’m just wondering because a group of Ferret is called “business”.

Giraffes really deserve their group name – “tower” because they are the tallest animals in the world.

A group of Hamster is called “Saladbowl”. I really couldn’t see the connection.

Hope you enjoyed this. Thank you!

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  1. Hello,
    Somehow Interesting Collective Names of Animals.Do Rooks construct building? Well, you should really wonder because a group of Rook is called “building”.I agree with your post. Thanks for sharing your post.

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