Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amazingly Awesome Natural Patterns of Animals

Some animal species are simply amazing because of their awesome patterns. Any one would want any of these creatures for a pet.

Gray Classic Tabby

Pet cats are among the world most favorite pets. And who wouldn’t be captivated by the unique pattern of the Grey and Silver Classic Tabby Cat. Grey Classic Tabbies wear the peculiar “bull’s eye” pattern.

Emperor Angelfish

One of the loveliest fish that you could ever put in your tank is the uniquely-patterned and colorful juvenile Emperor Angelfish or Pomacanthus imperator. This juvenile fish species with dark blue with electric blue and white rings is endemic to the Indo-Pacific region. The colors become yellow and blue stripes, with black around the eyes when it reaches maturity.

Flowerhorn Cichlid

This Flowerhorn Cichlid was photographed at the 6th "Pramong Nomjai Thaituala" in Thailand Tropical Fish Competition. It looks amazingly pretty for its Chinese character- like markings. This hybrid cichlid and others are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named.

Yellowbar Angelfish

Like the Emperor Angelfish, the juvenile of Yellowbar Angelfish is also brightly-colored and uniquely-patterned. Also known as Halfmoon Angelfish and Bluemoon Angelfish, it can be found in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

Threadfin Butterflyfish

Threadfin Butterflyfish or Chaetodon auriga are beautiful fish species with awesome patterns. It can be found in the Indo-Pacific region at depths of up to 30 meters.

Sailfin Snapper

Symphorichthys spilurus or commonly known as Sailfin Snapper or Blue-lined Sea Bream is a brightly-colored fish species that occurs in the Western Pacific and in the Andaman Sea and the famous Great Barrier Reef. This flamboyant fish displays blue undulating stripes over a yellow body, an orange stripe crossing the eye and another one at the back of the head.

Achilles Tang

Of course this is not a painting, it’s a fish and it is commonly known as Achilles Tang. Its formal name is Acanthurus Achilles. This uniquely-patterned tropical fish, which is also known as Achilles Surgeonfish, is distinct for its striking orange and white lining along its fins and tail. Upon reaching maturity, a prominent orange drop shape develops on the caudal area terminating into a sharp spine.

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