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World’s Most Remarkably Beautiful Hairless and Shorthaired Cat Breeds and Their Origin

Hairless pets are among the most popular exotic pets in the world. Like Guinea pigs, Rats and Dogs, there are also hairless breeds of cat. Short-haired breeds of cats are uniquely beautiful too.

Here are the most remarkably beautiful hairless and shorthaired breeds of cat.

The Shorthaired Cat Breeds…

1.) Exotic Shorthair - USA 

Exotic Shorthair is an awesome-looking cat breed. It is a breed developed to be a shorthaired version of the Persian. It is a perfect choice for people who like the personality of a Persian but do not want the hassle of grooming a long-haired cat. This cat breed is labeled as the lazy person’s Persian.

2.) British Shorthair – United Kingdom

Another beautiful shorthaired cat breed is the British Shorthair. This domesticated cat is a popular breed in cat shows because of its beauty. British Shorthair is the most popular breed of cat registered by the UK's GCCF or Governing Council of the Cat Fancy since 2001.

3.) Oriental Shorthair - Thailand 

One of the cutest-looking cat breed is the Oriental Shorthair. This cat breed combines the Siamese body with a diversity of colorings and patterns. Oriental Shorthairs are popular breed because they are intelligent, friendly, emotional, demanding and vocal social animals who bond very closely to their owners.

4.) Russian Blue – Russia

The elegant-looking Russian Blue is a shorthaired breed of cat. This breed with a silver-blue coat is well like for its intelligence and playful manner. However, it tends to be timid to strangers. It is one of the most sought breed of cat due to its personality and unique coat.

5.) Devon Rex – United Kingdom

The Devon Rex is a shorthaired breed of cat that originated from England, UK. This cat breed is well-known for its intelligence and for its wavy coat, slender body, and large ears. It is similar in appearance with the Cornish Rex. This medium-sized cat is often called "pixie cats" or "alien cats" because of its unique appearance. The whiskers of the Devon Rex are very short and often curled to such an extent that it may appear as if it has no whiskers.

6.) Cornish Rex – United Kingdom

A Cornish Rex is a cat breed with no hair except for down hair or undercoat which is extremely fine and about 1 cm in length. The curl in Cornish Rex fur is caused by a different mutation and gene. The undercoat of this cat breed from Cornwall, England, UK is the softest of any cat breed.

Pet owners of Cornish Rex should be aware that they tend to hang around light bulbs, the tops of computer monitors, and other warm places including laps and shoulders. Some

The Hairless Cat Breeds..,

7.) Sphynx – Canada

One very popular hairless breed of cat is the Sphynx. This rare cat breed is well-known for its lack of coat. The breeding of this unique cat started in 1966 in Totonto, Canada.

This cat breed is very rare because of the problems and difficulties associated with breeding. Male tends to be uninterested in mating. It is also known as Canadian Hairless

8.) Peter Bald – Russia

The Peterbald is a breed of cat that originated in Russia. It is characterized by elegantly slim graceful and muscular build. The breed has a narrow and long head with a straight profile. Its eyes are almond-shaped with big set-apart ears and the muzzle is wedge-shaped.

The Peterbald has a long whippy tail. Its feet are webbed and the paws are oval that allows it to open levered doorknobs and grasp objects. It comes in all colors and markings.

9.) Donskoy – Russia

Another hairless breed of cat that originated in Russia is the Donskoy. The breeding of this unique-looking cat started in 1987. Its hairlessness is caused by a dominant gene. Donskoy is medium in sized, muscular with large ears. Its webbed toes are distinctively long and its eyes are almond in shape. Owners should bear in mind that over-bathing can cause the skin to become very oily.

10.) Ukrainian Levkoy – Ukraine

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a breed of cat with uniquely awesome appearance. It is hairless and its ears are folded. The cat’s bare skin is soft and hot. It is excessive, elastic and wrinkled. Its head is angular in contour and it is dogface in appearance. It is a very friendly and active breed of cat.

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