Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Most Amusing and Bizarre Facts and Traits of Mammals

Here are some of the most peculiar and unusual facts about some mammal species.

1.) Musk Ox

  • Who’s got the toughest skulls in the world? Musk Oxen can repeat head bangs up to 20 times at 32 km/h. Ouch!!!
  • The urine of this unusual animal produces a smell so revolting that it can water your eyes.

2.) Wolf

  • Wolves howling a night scare people but in reality they are more scared of us than we are of them.
  • When people hear a wolf howling, they think the wolf is out to get them. That is why they believed in werewolves, even though there has never been a healthy wild wolf killing a human in North America.
  • Wolves work as a team. They use teamwork strategy to slay prey eight times bigger than they are.

3.) Vampire Bat

  • This bloodsucking has to drink more than its own weight in blood everyday just to survive. If a Vampire Bat is a human; it’s like a human drinking a bathtub's worth of blood.
  • When they suck blood, they draw blood out of the toughest skin of animals such as horses and cattle.

4.) Pig

  • Pigs are amazing animals. They can paint a picture and recognize different tastes because they have 20,000 taste buds.
  • Although pigs are known in many cultures as a symbol of prosperity, in reality, it is a very greedy. They are voracious eaters but they have been known to be very picky eaters and actually have quite small stomachs.

5.) Rabbit

  • Rabbits are known as symbol of luck. Rabbits are also associated to playboys because they can start a new family every month.
  • Physically, they are amusing leapers. They can jump twice as far as the best Olympic jumpers.

6.) Tasmanian Devil

  • Among mammals, the Tasmanian Devil is a multiple birth record holder. In a single litter, it can give birth to 30 pups, but only four usually survive.
  • They are very aggressive and a mating Tasmanian Devils is more like fighting for a male and female.
  • These animals are among the most voracious eaters in the animal world. They can eat 40% of their body weight in just half an hour.

7.) Polar Bear

  • Polar Bears are amazing weightlifters. They can take down something three times their own weight.
  • To experts, it is still a big mystery how Polar Bears survive the winter without answering to the call of nature.
  • During hibernation, the female Polar Bear loses 30% of her bodyweight.
  • The Polar Bear’s snout is one of the most sensitive. Its can catch the smell of a seal hiding under three feet of thick sea ice.

8.) Bear

  • Bears are popular animals because Teddy Bears are popular stuffed animals. However, they are campers’ worst nightmare.
  • Brown Bears are the heavyweight champions of the mountains. They can lift as much as 450 kg.
  • Bears are ridiculous animals. They will destroy cars for the smallest amount of food.
  • Bears are among the most dangerous animals in the world. The odds of being killed by a bear are only 2 in 1.8.

9.) Elephant Seal

  • Male Elephant Seals fight a bloody battle for over 50 females.
  • Female Elephant Seals will put on an extra 270 kg while being pregnant, and starves until the pups are born.
  • Male Elephant Seals are five times bigger than a female.

10.) Lion

  • Male Lions are lovable and caring fathers despite their ferocious appearance.
  • A male takes care of 20 cubs.
  • For thousands of years, lions were a worthy opponent for even the strongest men.
  • When the male gets lazy, the female does all the hunting.
  • Lions are the only cat that hunts in groups. Among their prey include baboons, Cape buffalo, elephants, gerenuk, hippopotamuses, impala, kudus, ostriches, rhinos, warthogs, wildebeests and zebras.

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