Monday, August 1, 2011

The World’s Amazing Insects

Insects are the most numerous species of animals in the world.

Female Mosquito have the most deadly bite in the world. They kill more than 2.7 million people annually with more than diseases; the most common is malaria.

Weta can stay frozen for months without frostbite, even when all heart and brain activity ceases and it loses 99% of the water in its body.

Caddisfly are amazing animals. Their larvae can build jewelry.

Spiders are not insect they are arachnids and they cause arachnophobia in lots of people.

Rhinoceros Beetle is the world’s strongest. It can lift 850 times its own weight. That is like a human lifting a tank.

Leafcutter Ants are very strong animals too. Despite their small size they can lift 50 times their own weight. It is like a human lifting a truck.

Another very deadly insect is the Scorpion. These venomous critters kill more than 1,000 people annually from venom.

Male Giant Water Bug carries 700 young on its back.

Cockroach can survive heavy doses of radiation, poison and can survive in 9 days without its head. They are thought to be the world’s inheritors if WW III broke out.

Click Beetle sends itself very high in the air by clicking. They experience over 100 times more intensity than cannonball; that's 400g-forces.

The male Stalked-eyed Fly has strange eyes that stick out like sore thumbs. The longer the male's eyes the more likely it has to mate with a female though.

Flies are the nastiest creatures on Earth. A Fly lays its eggs in dead and rotting flesh. And it vomits all over our food.

Male Moon Moth or Actias Luna can smell a female over 6 miles (9.7 km) away.

Wasps are fantastic insects, they build fortress of paper.

Dung Beetle literally eat dung, hence the name. They will even fight for a dung ball.

Dust Mite eats dead skin cells of humans. It is the common cause of asthma and allergic symptoms worldwide.

Burying Beetles make home out of the dead for their young and the male’s home attracts the mate. They are unusual among insects in that both the male and female parents take care of the brood.

Would you believe that there can be up to 4 billion in a swarm of Locust? That is about 80% of the world’s population. In addition, they jump 20 times their own body length. It is comparable for a human clearing a basketball court which is almost 29 meters long.

Monarch Butterflies are among the most amazing insects in the world. About 20,000 butterflies can be on a leaf, 220 million can be in a swarm and they can migrate 150,000,000,000 body lengths.

Termites are expected to defend their colony from ants. Termites are among the most destructive critters in the world. On the average, Termites destroy 50 homes in a year in the United States alone.

If Termites were like humans, a single human sized termite can make a building bigger than the Empire State Building relative to its size, with only dirt, dung and saliva. Termites are truly amazing; the mounds they live in can be even taller than a giraffe and the queen can give lay 30,000 eggs a day.

This is weird but this is true – the young Aphids are pregnant before they are born. If all Aphids survive, there would be one octillion Aphids enough to cover the entire United States 4.3 meters thick deep in Aphids.

Tiger Beetles are amazing for they can sprint at 13 km/h. If humans were like the Tiger Beetle, we can attain speed of up to 494 km/h. They are the world’s fastest animals in equivalent to body size. They run extremely fast that they go blind.

Fleas are the greatest jumpers in the world. They can jump 350 times their own length and 220 times their own height. If humans were like Fleas, we can jump over a bridge that is 1,800 meters long and we can jump as high as 180 meters high.

The ultimate way to defend the hive for Killer Bees is to use their stingers, because when they use it; it will detach and the Killer Bees will bleed to death which is why people are afraid of swarms.

Fireflies are among the most amusing insects in the world. A female Firefly attracts males with its bioluminescence not to make love but to get food. The moment the male gets near, the female ambushes and eats him.

A kung fu technique was named after the Praying Mantis This animal can also stand up to something much bigger than it is.

This is truly extraordinary; the rockets missile-type weapons of Bombardier Beetles can be released more than 700 times a second when they are threatened.

Well, this is quite crazy, Bees communicate by dancing. Beware, 300 Bee stings is enough to kill a human. Bees carefully build witty hives.

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  1. I saw a pic. of a Click Beetle on this page that looked very similar to the bug that came in my house.

    Only it was black with I believe with red or orange eyes.

    Are they that color also?

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