Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Most Amusing and Bizarre Facts and Traits of Mammals II

Some mammals are simply amazing.

1.) Tiger

Tigers are the strongest and largest of all cats in the world.
They eat bears, birds, crocodiles, deer, domestic cattle, elephants, fish, frogs, gaurs, leopards, mice, monkeys, moose, pythons, rabbits, turtles, water buffalo, wild boars and wild dogs.

2.) Beaver

Beavers are great cutters and builders. They cut trees with their teeth and build their own huge dams.

3.) Mouse

Mouse is one of the scariest animals in the world. According to a survey, one out of three American women has a fear for mice.
They are fast breeders and their population grow very fast because there can be 16 mice in a litter, which makes a swarm.

4.) Dog

Dogs are intelligent animals. They can understand a few hundred words and phrases.
They are dangerous too. They bite 4,700,000 Americans annually.

5.) Elephant

Elephants are strong animals. Their trunk can hold up to 600 pounds and carry 20,000 pounds.
Female Elephants get males to fight for them and she gives birth to a 140 kg baby after a 22-month pregnancy – the longest gestation period in the animal kingdom.

6.) Gorilla

Gorillas are strong creatures. They can lift 4,600 pounds which is equivalent to two family cars.
In the movie King Kong, he is depicted as a carnivore but in reality, gorillas are strictly herbivorous.

7.) Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole rat’s teeth are very tough. Its incisor bite can go through a cement wall little by little.
Like ants and termites, one queen Naked Mole Rat, controls hundreds of Naked Mole Rats.

8.) Orangutan

Mother Orangutans are very caring and passionate mothers. They build beds every night for them and their youngster.
They swings over 61 m high in the trees on a limb while baby Orangutan hangs on their mother for dear life.
Orangutans are smart animals. They have found a way to escape the rain by putting a large leaf on top of their heads.

9.) Platypus

Platypuses have beaks of ducks, flippers of Otters and tails of beavers. They can detect the electrical impulses given off by its prey.
Male Platypuses hind limbs are venomous.

10.) Hippopotamus

Male Hippopotamuses are yucky animals. They fling dung or spread their poops everywhere with their tail.
They are mighty biters. They can open their jaw up to 170° and snap a crocodile in half.

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