Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All White Breeds of Cat

Do you like all-white pets? Here are some all-white breeds of cat for you to choose from. White pets are awesome because they look clean and huggable.

1.) British Longhair

The British Longhair on the above photo is an all-white medium size, long hair domestic breed of cat that originated in Great Britain. In other countries, it is known as Britannica. British Longhair also comes in various colors.

2.) Turkish Angora

The all-white Turkish Angora on the above photo is an ancient domestic cat breed that originated in Ankara, Turkey. Angora or Ankara Cat is also available in different colors.

3.) Selkirk Rex

The all-white Selkirk Rex is a cat breed with highly curled hair. Even the whiskers of Selkirk Rex are highly curled. There are longhair and shorthair varieties of Selkirk Rex.

4.) Exotic Shorthair

The all-white Exotic Shorthair is a breed of cat developed to be a shorthaired version of the longhaired Persian. This breed is similar to the Persian in many ways, including temperament and conformation.

5.) Manx

The Manx Cat is a breed of domestic cat that originated from the Isle of Man. Most Manx are tailless. It also comes in different colors.

6.) Scottish Fold

The all-white Scottish Fold is a cat breed naturally folded ears. This domestic cat breed with “owl-like appearance” is originally called Lop-eared or Lops after the lop-eared rabbit.

7.) Cornish Rex

The all-white Cornish Rex on the above photo is a domestic cat that originated from Cornwall, England.

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  1. I love this because I love cats. I've had 2 white domestic cats. Beautiful!

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