Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interesting Facts About the Amazing Elephant

Elephants are among the most popular animals in the world due to their enormous size. Here are some unusual facts you may want to know about elephants – the largest land-dwelling animals in the world.

1.) With its enormously large size and heavy built, Elephants can dive for a few seconds and use their trunks as snorkel.

2.) The male species of Elephants can be extremely dangerous and deadly. No other animal causes more carnage when angry, and no force can stop them when angry.

3.) Bull elephants kill more than 300 lives every year while in musth.

4.) Elephants possess the keenest hearing organ in the world. Flapping a female’s ears can bring ultrasonic sounds to a male as far as 10 km.

5.) Elephants have the longest pregnancy period among all other animals lasting up to 22 month. The female usually gives birth to a 140 kg baby – one of the largest baby animals in the world.

6.) The Elephant is a very strong creature. The Elephant’s trunk can hold up to 270 kg and carry 9,000 kg.

7.) The male Elephant’s musth secretion smells like 1,000 goats in a pen.

8.) Elephants are known of their ability to send sound waves through their feet.

9.) Elephants are extraordinary for their ability to predict tsunamis through infrasound. Elephants have exceptional sense of hearing and smell.

10.) The hearing receptors in their ears, trunks and feet are sensitive to vibrations and have special receptors for low frequency sound and are exceptionally well innervated.

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