Friday, July 22, 2011

Uniquely-Winged Animals With Amazing Appearance

Some flying creatures like cicadas, butterflies and wasps are unique for their peculiar structures. Butterflies are popular for their colorful appearance and cicadas are small but notable as loud animals. The small flying wasps are usually dreaded for their painful and venomous sting. As a matter of fact, some species of wasps causes thousands of death worldwide.

Mantis-Fly (Ditaxis biseriata)

This insect, the Mantis-Fly, is a net-winged insect. It was photographed in Carnarvon National Park, Queensland, Australia. Net-winged insects are also known by a variety of common names such as Mantidflies, Mantispids and Mantid Lacewings.

Green Lace Wings

Another beautiful net-winged insect is the Green Lacewing. It is often simply called Lacewing. This insect is notably unique because of its wings. The Lacewing on the above photo was taken in the Netherlands.

Mcclungia cymo

Some species of butterflies are unique for having distinctively designed wings like the Mcclungia cymo. This butterfly species is related to Greta oto, commonly known as Glasswing.

Glasswing (Greta Oto)

Glasswings are unique butterfly species. These brush-footed butterflies have transparent wings making it one of the most peculiar and beautiful winged insects in the world. In Spanish, it is called “Espejitos” which means “Little mirrors”. The tissue between the veins of its wings looks like glass, as it lacks the colored scales found in other butterflies.

Thick-tipped Greta (Greta morgane)

Thick-tipped Greta is another beautiful butterfly with unique translucent wings. This clearwing butterfly can be found in Mexico, in Central America and in the Caribbean. It is unattractive to prey because it has body fluids which are nauseating for birds.

Clearwing (Greta sp.)

This is an unknown Clearwing butterfly from Costa Rica. It was photographed in Manuel Antonio Park, Costa Rica.

Pteronomyia apuleia

The Pteronomyia apuleia can be found from the United States to Argentina in South America. It is exclusively Neotropical and inhabits humid forest from sea-level to 3,000 meters.

Green Grocer Cicada

Although cicadas are irritating to the ears because of their loudness they are exceptionally attractive in appearance like the Australian Green Grocer Cicada. It has transparent wings. This winged-creature is among the loudest insects in the world. It can be found in the coastal regions of south-eastern Australia.


The intriguing Magicicada is another insect with translucent wings. It can be found in eastern North America. Magicicada can live up to 17 years.

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