Monday, July 25, 2011

Amazingly Bizarre Facts About Extraordinary Mollusks in the World

The Mollusca, commonly known as Mollusk or Mollusc, is a large phylum of invertebrate animals. At present, there are about 85,000 known species of Molluscs. This phylum is the largest marine phylum comprising about 23% of all the named marine organisms. They live in saltwater, freshwater and terrestrial habitats.

Here are some incredibly unique species of Mollusca with amazing traits and characteristics.

Blue-ringed Octopuses are deadly marine animals. One octopus can kill ten persons.

Giant Squids have the biggest eyes in the natural world. Their eyes are 20 inches in diameter and help them see in dark waters. The legend that Giant Squids are sea monsters and that they can sink ships is absolutely false.

Mimic Octopus is the greatest of all masters of mimicry in the animal world. It can change the color, shape, and texture of its skin in less than a second. In addition, it can also mimic a flounder, a sea snake, and a lionfish. Isn’t it amazing?

Cone Snails are amazing creatures. They are considered as the fastest killers in the world. They paralyze their prey with venom.

Mussels are extraordinary arthropods. They stick to the sea floor with strong glue-like secretions.
They have a symbiotic relationship with a fish.

According to experts, Octopuses are the most intelligent invertebrates. Baby octopuses, who are already orphaned from the moment they were born, have to teach themselves how to survive in the wild within a little over a year. They raise themselves in the murky depths of the dark and dangerous ocean.

Nautilus are amazing engineers and carpenters.  They build their own underwater mobile home that can withstand 1,500 ft or 460 m of underwater pressure.

One of the most loving and caring mothers in the animal kingdom is the female Octopus. She stays with 50,000 eggs for six weeks during the incubation period. When the eggs hatch, she is already dead from starvation or is too weak to fight off predators, so they kill her leaving her young on their own.

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