Sunday, July 10, 2011

Amazing Monkeys on the Planet

Monkeys are among the wisest and most intelligent animals in the world. These creatures have been part of human culture since time immemorial. Some species are colorful and some are kept as pet.

Here are some of the most unusual facts about monkeys.

Howler Monkeys are known to be the world’s loudest monkeys. Their calls can be heard as far as 16 km away. These creatures are native to Central and South American forests. They are the only monkey in their forests not made a pet by the Native Americans.

Howler Monkeys

Gibbons are very fast creatures. They move through the trees very gracefully at a speed of up to 56 km/h. They can also make leaps of up to 8 m or 26 ft.


Hanuman Monkeys are unusual species. In India, Hanuman Monkeys are a complete nuisance and steal food, water, and other stuff. They are also known as Gray Langur.

Hanuman Monkeys

Chimpanzees are among the most intelligent animals in the world. They can utilize different gadgets and are known to have the intelligence of the average four-year-old human.


Snow Monkey are very fast learners. They imitated people bathing in hot pools and after sometime all Snow Monkey learned it. They are also the only animals that wash their food before they eat it.

Snow Monkeys

The weird long nose of male Proboscis Monkey is used to attract females. The female species have shorter nose.

Proboscis Monkey

In the movie King Kong, he was portrayed as a carnivore but in reality, Gorillas are strictly herbivorous.



Baboon must fight for the right to mate. Good guys don't always finish last.

Red Colobus Monkey

Red Colobus Monkeys have unique ways of eliminating poison on their body. These monkey species steal coal to eat as antidote for toxic leaves.

Crested Black Macaque

Crested Black Macaques are known for their red buttocks. The larger the red buttocks of female Crested Black Macaque, the hotter they are. Their huge red buttocks attract male. They also groom each other constantly.

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