Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The World’s Most Intelligent and Brightly Colored Pet Birds

This list of birds are not only among the most intelligent birds but also they are some of the most beautiful and colorful birds.

Based or researches and studies with captive birds we have gained insight into which birds are the most intelligent. Along with crows, ravens, and jays - parrots are considered the most intelligent of birds. Parrots
have the distinction of being able to mimic human speech.

Green-winged Macaw (Ara chloropterus)
The popular and beautiful Green-winged Macaw which is also known as Red-and-green Macaw of South America is the most common of the large macaws in the wild. In recent years there has been a marked decline in its numbers due to habitat loss and illegal capture for the pet trade. A Green-winged Macaw is a high maintenance pet; it is expensive to purchase, adopt or maintain. It is also demanding, and extremely loud and noisy cage birds.

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It is prized for its beautiful plumage and considered very affectionate with its owner. The Green-winged macaw is considered an intelligent species as shown on the above picture. Many hybrids between this and other macaw species are popular.


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  2. Some animals are really intelligent. It also depends upon whether specific animals live along with humans in daily routine life or not. They learn intelligent behavior from humans like cat , dogs etc.
    There are various animal videos on the internet which shows such intelligent behavior of animals.




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