Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amazing Spiders in the World

Spiders are among the most dreaded creatures on earth. In some other place, spiders are being use for gambling while in other part of the world, some spider species are considered delicacy.

Here’s a list of amazing facts about spiders.

  • Tarantulas are among the largest and feared species of spider. This arachnid can shoots hairs on its back at predators.
  • Tarantulas are paralyzed by a Tarantula Hawk and used as storage for its young. It can stay in suspended animation for as much as two weeks.


  • No two spider web are alike and these amazing webs are five time stronger than steel. A spider is also known that it can walk on water.
  • Jumping Spiders can jump 100 times their own length. So if they are humans, that’s equivalent to humans jumping over two jumbo jets.

Jumping Spider

  • The female species of the Redback Spiders are cannibals.  Females need meal to nourish their young, so after mating, they kill and eat the male.

Redback Spider

  • Funnel-web Spiders have enormous fangs and are among the most dreaded spider species in the world. They inject paralyzing venom deep into their prey.

Funnel-web Spider

  • Tarantulas are dangerous and can kill a snake but don’t be too afraid. This huge arachnid’s bite is not as toxic as a Bee sting.

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