Friday, July 8, 2011

Amazing Animals and Their Unusual Traits

Here are some fantastic and interesting animal facts.

Acorn Woodpeckers should be emulated by humans. They collect acorns to store over winter. They pecks holes in trees just the right size to store the acorn tightly. One woodpecker had 50,000 acorns.

Acorn Woodpecker

The darker the mane of the Lion, the more females he attracts, but the higher the chance he can overheat.


Bats are not winged animals. They don’t have wings. They have the ability to fly because they propel themselves through the air by using their fingers and the stretched skin that provides assistance of their flying.


Emperor Penguins are among the largest species of penguins. A mother Emperor Penguin whose chicks die steal other mother's chicks.

Emperor Penguins

Melanophila Bettles are amazing species of beetles. These unique beetles have built in smoke alarms.

Melanophila Bettle

The primary food eaten by Moles is earthworm, hence it collects and stores earthworms so that it always has something to eat and each Mole had 400 worms.


One of the most amusing creatures on earth is the Stick Insect. It is one of the few animals that undergoes three transformation stages; first as an ant, then as a scorpion and finally as a leaf.

Stick Insect

Earthworms are simply amazing creatures. They are paralyzed by the Shrew, one of the venomous mammals. They can stay in suspended animation for three weeks.


Pika, like Acorn Woodpecker, also collect and store foods for winter. Since it does not hibernate, it collects lots of dried grass because it doesn't rot making it a perfect way to store food in the winter. It can make more than a dozen trips an hour.


Large tail for Peacock looks more attractive but the larger the tail feathers, the worse they fly. These make them an easier prey for hunters.


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