Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Most Amazing Facts About Ants

Ants are terrific creatures. They are small but they are terrible.

Ants are among the most complicated cycles in the animal kingdom. They can stay in suspended animation for as much as eight weeks.  They are devastating warriors. Nothing stands in their way.

Like Squirrel and Frogs there are also gliding species of ants – the Gliding Ants. These fascinating ant species can glide 9.1 meters through the air. Cephalotes depressus is one of the several species that display this ability.

Gliding Ant

Slavery also exists in the animal kingdom. Amazon Ants or Polyergus breviceps steal Firmica Ant eggs and use them as slaves.

Amazon Ant

Who said that only males are rapist? Driver Ants or Safari Ants are among the most aggressive and intriguing ant species. Female Driver Ants kidnap males and rip their wings off so the queen can mate.

Driver Ant

Leafcutter Ants are not just leaf cutter they also plant fungus. They get leaves, add feces and saliva grow fungi on the mixture, and then distribute them among the colony to produce edible fungi.

Leafcutter Ants are also among the strongest creatures on earth. They can lift 50 times its own weight which is equivalent to a human lifting a truck.

Leafcutter Ant

The “Devils Gardens of Lemon Ants can be 1,300 m2 in area and 800 years old using Herbecine.

Ant Lion lures ants into its sand crater to paralyze and then it sucks the ant dry.

Ant Lion

Argentine Ants are considered pest. These creatures have invaded 21 countries in the world. They created an empire that stretches from Italy to Spain and contains millions of nests filled with billions of ants and they're all related.

Argentine Ant

Like Tarantulas and Frogs, Ants and Caterpillars have an unusual symbiotic relationship. The caterpillar is the bodyguard of the ant.

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