Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Most Beautiful and Spectacular Nests in the World

Nests are important to many birds and other animals to keep their eggs and to provide a place to live or raise offspring. Nests are usually made of some organic material like, grass, leaves, twigs or simply a depression in the ground, or a hole in a tree, rock or building.

The nest mounds built by Dusky Scrubfowls are the largest nest in the animal kingdom. They usually measure more than 11 m or 36 ft in diameter and stand nearly 5 m or 16 ft tall.


The smallest bird nests are those of some Hummingbirds, tiny cups which are 2 cm across and 3 cm high. The beautiful Hummingbird nest with two chicks on the above photo was photographed in Santa Monica, California, USA.

Purple-crowned Fairy

The cute Cup type nest on the above photo belongs to a Purple-crowned Fairy. Like many other small birds, they use considerable amount of spider silk in their cup nest. Purple-crowned Fairy or Heliothryx barroti  can be found Mexico down to  Ecuador.

Pendant Nest

This beautiful Pendant nest of an unknown bird species was photographed inYelagiri, India.

Baya Weaver

The Baya Weaver or Ploceus philippinus is a great weaver of nest as evident of the intricately weaved and designed nest on the above and below photo. The hanging retort shaped nests woven from leaves by these South and Southeast Asian birds are usually found on thorny trees or palm fronds.

The nests are often built near water or hanging over water where predators cannot reach easily.

Sociable Weaver

The Sociable Weavers or Philetairus socius are impressive species of bird of Africa. They can be found in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Sociable Weavers build large compound community nests, a rarity among birds.

The nests of Sociable Weavers are perhaps the most spectacular structure built by any bird. These amazing birds are also known as Social Weaver.

Thick-billed Weaver

Unlike many weaver bird species, the Thick-billed Weaver builds a different type of nest – the Sphere type. Its formal name is Amblyospiza albifrons.

Cliff Swallow

Cliff Swallows are unique in building their nests. Unlike many bird species, they use mud as primary material in constructing their nests.

The Cliff Swallow or Petrochelidon pyrrhonota is a passerine bird.

Cliff Swallows breed in North America, and migrate in South America during winter season.

Taveta Weaver

Another great nest weaver is the Taveta Weaver or Ploceus castaneiceps. This species of bird can be found in Kenya and Tanzania.

The name of the bird comes from the unique markings/coloration of the bird, as well as how these birds weave intricate nests.

Montezuma Oropendola

The nests above are Colonial pendant nests of Montezuma Oropendola. It was photographed in Alahuela Province, Costa Rica. Its scientific name is Psarocolius Montezuma. It can be found in Central America.

Common Blackbird

The Cup type nest above belongs to Common Blackbird or Turdus merula. Their nest is simply beautiful. They are also known as Eurasia Blackbird.

Village Weaver

Another great nest weaver is the Village Weaver. They build pendant type of nest. Its binomial name is Ploceus cucullatus and is also known as the Spotted-backed Weaver or Black-headed Weaver. It can be found in sub-Saharan Africa.

Great Reed Warbler

The nest above is a cup type nest built by Great Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus arundinaceus). It is a Eurasian songbird.

Snowy Egret

Like Eagles and Ospreys, Snowy Egrets build Platform type of nest. Snowy Egret or Egretta thula is a white heron that can be found in Bahamas.


Caciques build pendant type of nests. They can be found in Central and South America.

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