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Most Impressively Pretty and Unique-Looking Longhaired Small Dogs

Longhaired small dogs are simply fascinating and beautiful. They are among the most favorite companion, toy and lap dog of many royalties from around the world. They are also the favorite choice for a pet by the famous and the rich.

1. Pekingese

One of the cutest dog breed in the world is the Pekingese. It is ancient toy dog that originated in China and is known for its long silky hair.

Origin: China

Other Names: Lion Dog, Chinese Spaniel, Pelchie Dog Peking Palasthund, Peke

2. King Charles Spaniel

The King Charles Spaniel is a cute-looking tiny dog breed which is characterized by long curly on its ears and tail. This dog is believed to have originated in the Far East.

Origin: Far East/England, UK

Lifespan: 10 years

Other Names: English Toy Spaniel, Toy Spaniel, Charlies, Prince Charles Spaniel, Ruby Spaniel,
          Blenheim Spaniel

3. Phalene

The lovely-looking Phalene is a variant of Papillon. It is the drop-eared version of the Papillon.

Origin: Belgium, France, Italy and Spain

Other Names: Epagneul Nain Continental, Butterfly Dog

4. Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is a lovely-looking farm dog which is also used as a companion dog. It is also used to herd and guard livestock.

Origin: Tibet

Lifespan: 16 years

Other Names: Tsang Apso

5. Skye Terrier

The Skye Terrier is a unique-looking dog breed that appears to have noface because its entire face is covered by its long wavy hair it originated in the United Kingdom and is known to live up to 15 years of age. 

Origin: Scotland, UK

Lifespan: 15 years

6. Yorkshire Terrier

One of the most adorable dog breeds with long, silky hair is the Yorkshire Terrier of England, UK.  
Origin: England, UK
Lifespan: 16 years
Other Names: Yorkie

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Handsomest Shorthaired Dogs With Curly Twirl Tails

Some dogs have extremely large ears and others do not. Some dog breeds are longhaired while others are shorthaired. You will also see dog breeds with long legs while other breeds have extremely short legs. Amazingly, there are also dogs without faces because their faces are covered with long hair, beard and mustache. There are also breeds of dogs with long tails while others are tailless. In addition, there are also breeds of dog with curly tails. Here are some remarkable dog breeds with curled or twirled tails.

1.) Basenji

One of the unique and popular dog breed in the world is the Basenji. This dog breed with twirled tail was bred for hunting that originated in Africa.

2.) Finnish Spitz

The neat-looking Finnish Spitz is a dog breed with curled tail that originated in Finland where it is known in the Finnish language asSuomenpystykorva”. It was originally bred for hunting. This friendly dog, which is the national dog of Finland, is suitable for children and adapts well for domestic life.

3.) Korean Jindo Dog
Korean Jindo Dog, a SpitzImage via Wikipedia

The Korean Jindo Dog with twirled tail originated in the Korean island of Jindo. It was bred for hunting and is known for its brave characteristic. This dog breed is a very loyal pet.

4.) Norbottenspets

The Norbottenspets is an ancient dog breed used for hunting and farm. It is now a very popular companion dog. The dog is characterized by a curly twirl tail.

5.) Norwegian Buhund

The Norwegian Buhund, which is closely related to the Icelandic Sheepdog, is a dog breed that originated in Norway and like the Icelandic Sheepland; it is also distinct for its curled tail. This multi-purpose dog is utilized in farming, herding and guarding.

6.) Shikoku

The Shikoku is a good-looking Japanese dog breed with curled tail. Other names of this dog from Japan are Kochi-ken, Mikawa Inu and Japanese Wolfdog.

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