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Extreme Dinosaurs: Record Holders and Most Popular Dinosaurs

Undoubtedly, one of the most recognizable species of dinosaur is the gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex or simply known as T- Rex. Numerous monumental replicas of T-Rex can be found all throughout the world specifically in “dinosaur parks”. T-Rex means ”king of the tyrant lizard”.

Here’s a list of well-known species of dinosaurs.


Diplodocus is a notable dinosaur species. This creature had the longest tail of all dinosaurs reaching up to 13 meters in length. Its name means “double beam”.


Sauroposeidon is noted for its very long neck. It had the longest neck of all dinosaurs reaching a length of up to 1.2 meters for every individual vertebrae or neck bone. Its name means lizard Poseidon.


Utahraptor is recognized as the fiercest of all dinosaur species. It measured around 7 meters and was very powerful, agile and intelligent predator. Its name means Utah’s predator.


Ornithomimid was as ostrich mimic tagged as the fastest dinosaur of all time. It can attain a speed of up to 60 km per hour. Its name means mimic lizard.


Hadrosaur is a dinosaur species with the most teeth. This herbivore had about 960 cheek teeth. Its name means duck-billed dinosaur.


Troodon is believed to be one of the most intelligent dinosaurs. This smart hunting dinosaur is about 2 meters in length and had a brain the size of a mammal of today. It had stereoscopic vision and grasping hands.


Stegosaurus is considered as the dumbest dinosaur. The size of its brain is the size of a walnut and measures 3 cm and weighed 75 grams only. Its name means roof lizard.

Amphicoelias fragillimus

Amphicoelias fragillimus is the longest and largest animal to have existed on Earth. Its length ranged from 40 meters to 60 meters and weighed as much as 122 metric tons.


Brachiosaurus is the largest of all dinosaurs. It had a length of up to 23 meters and a height of up to 12 meters equivalent to a four-story building. Its name means arm lizard.


Compsognatus is the smallest of all dinosaur species. It had a length of  1 meter and weighed about 2.5 kg. Its name means pretty jaw.


Megalosaurus was the first dinosaur to be named. The name of this large meat-eating therapod dinosaur means “great lizard”. It was about 9 meters in length and 3 meters in height.


Khaan is a species of dinosaur with the shortest name. Fossils of this creature were found in Mongolia and its name means “lord: in Mongolian.


Microphachycephalosaurus has the longest name of all the dinosaur species. It was found in China and its name means “tiny thick-headed lizard”.


Coelphysis was a dinosaur that lived during the Triassic period. This carnivore was found in North America and its name means “hollow form”.


Pliosaur is an enormous marine dinosaur species discovered in Norway. It had an estimated length of up to 15 meters. This creature was named “The Monster”. Pliosaur means “more lizard”.


Velociraptor is a carnivorous dinosaur species found in Mongolia in Asia. Its name means “quick plunderer”


Lesothosaurus is a notable species of dinosaur found in Lesotho, Africa. This plant-eater lived 200 million years ago.


Herrerasaurus was a carnivorous dinosaur that lived during the Triassic period. It was found in Argentina, South America and its name means “Herrera’s lizard”.


Argentinosaurus is one of the largest and heaviest dinosaurs that ever existed. It was found in Argentina, South America. This very huge animal's length is estimated from 30 to 35 meters long and can way as much as 110 short tons. It is also known as Silver Lizard.


Triceratop is a dinosaur bearing a large bony frill and three horns on its large four-legged body. It is one of the most recognizable of all dinosaurs and the best known ceratopsid. It shared the landscape with and was preyed upon by the fearsome T-Rex.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Most Amusing and Bizarre Facts and Traits of Mammals IV

More mammals and their amazing traits and behaviors

1.) Nine-banded Armadillo

The Nine-banded Armadillo is an amazing mammal. It can give birth to identical quadruplets and postpone pregnancy for three years.

2.) Rat

Rats have flexible bones that make them capable of surviving of falling down from the second floor of a building. And they will continue to be nuisance to humans because they are immune to large amounts of poison.

3.) Kangaroo Rat

Kangaroo Rats are prolific jumpers. They can jump 45 times their body length. If they were as large as we are, they could clear easily a football with a length of 90 meters.

4.) Opossum

Opossums are amazing animal. They can play dead for six hours.

5.) Bat

Many cultures say that bats are associated with vampires.

6.) Hare

Hares are great sprinters. They are twice as fast as an Olympic sprinter.

7.) Blue Whale

A young Blue Whale is a huge baby. It is the size of a small car. A Blue Whale has a large size as well as a large appetite.

8.) Kangaroo

Kangaroos are very fast jumpers. They move at 56 km/h, they can sprint 100 meters in 4 seconds and leap 9.1 meters in the long jump.

9.) Guanaco

Guanacos are amazing creatures. They are among the toughest animals in the world. They thrive at 20,000 feet above sea level without getting sick.

10.) Camel

Camels are tough animals. They can lose 40% of their body weight in water, and survive without drinking water for eight long days.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Most Amusing and Bizarre Facts and Traits of Mammals III

 ...More amazing and bizarre facts about mammals...

1.) Sloth

  • Sloths are hardy animals because the leaves they eat contain a kind of poison.
  • They live completely upside down and move really slowly. The only time they come to the forest floor is when they defecate.
  • Despite the fact that they move too slow, Sloths are good swimmers.
  • There are Green Algae growing on a Sloth’s back.

2.) Weddell Seal

  • Weddell Seals are great survivors. They live in the coldest waters in the world.
  • Baby Weddell Seals are amazing animals. They hold the record for the biggest temperature change experienced by any animal from the womb to the ice.

3.) Giraffe

  • Like Baby Weddell Seals, Baby Giraffes are great survivors. At birth, the young giraffe has to survive a six-foot fall because the mother cannot bend down and must learn to run just a few hours after being born to escape wild African predators.
  • Giraffes are known to pick their nose with their tongue and they drool.

4.) Cheetah

  • As everybody knows, Cheetahs are the fastest cats ever. They can attain speed of up to 70 mph or 115 km/h. They hunt and eat gazelle, impala and warthogs.
  • Female Cheetahs teach their rambunctious young how to hunt and must deal with bad kids for two years.

5.) Aye-aye

  • The middle finger of the Aye-aye is bone-like, in getting their food from inside a tree limb. They look like a collection of leftover body parts. The collection of body parts perfectly helps it adapt to its environment.

6.) Bharal

  • The male Bharal are naughty animals just like many species. They will try to push each other off mountains above 14,000 ft. high where they could fall at any time. Only half of the Bharal born each year survive to their first birthday.
  • Tibetan Bharals have amazing hooves. They have to be good jumpers to fight on the edge of steep cliffs or else they’ll die.

7.) Fox

  • There are many animal stealers. One of them is the Fox. It steals eggs of different birds. What’s so amusing is that, it uses rocks to break the shell.

8.) Crested Black Macaque

  • Male Crested Black Macaques have a way of finding out who is the hottest female around. They can determine it through the female’s buttock –the larger the red buttock, the hotter the female is.

9.) Shrew

  • Shrews have such a huge metabolism, quite unbelievable but their heart beats 600 times a minute. They are the busiest predators in the world and some species need to eat three times their own body weight in one day to survive.

10.) Klipspringer

  • Klipspringers are among the greatest jumpers in the animal world. They can jump ten times their own height. If we were like a klipspringer, we could jump over the torch of the Statue of Liberty from the shoulder.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Freakiest and Weirdest Primates in the World

Freakiest and Weirdest Primates in the World 

These unique creatures are often kept as pets and zoo attractions. Which of these bizarre primate will you choose as pet? Pick your choice.

Most primates live in tropical or subtropical regions of the Americas, Africa and Asia. Primates range in size from the 30-gram or 1 oz Pygmy Mouse Lemur to the 200-kilogram or 440 lb Mountain Gorilla.

Red-bellied Titi (Callicebus moloch)

Image Source

Filipino readers will surely smile upon reading the name of this rather colorful but unusual species of monkey called Red-bellied Titi. The word "titi" in the Filipino language means "male sex organ". It is endemic to Brazil. Scientifically named Callicebus moloch, it is a species of New World Monkey.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Most Amusing and Bizarre Facts and Traits of Mammals II

Some mammals are simply amazing.

1.) Tiger

  • Tigers are the strongest and largest of all cats in the world.
  • They eat bears, birds, crocodiles, deer, domestic cattle, elephants, fish, frogs, gaurs, leopards, mice, monkeys, moose, pythons, rabbits, turtles, water buffalo, wild boars and wild dogs.

2.) Beaver

  • Beavers are great cutters and builders. They cut trees with their teeth and build their own huge dams.

3.) Mouse

  • Mouse is one of the scariest animals in the world. According to a survey, one out of three American women has a fear for mice.
  • They are fast breeders and their population grow very fast because there can be 16 mice in a litter, which makes a swarm.

4.) Dog

  • Dogs are intelligent animals. They can understand a few hundred words and phrases.
  • They are dangerous too. They bite 4,700,000 Americans annually.

5.) Elephant

  • Elephants are strong animals. Their trunk can hold up to 600 pounds and carry 20,000 pounds.
  • Female Elephants get males to fight for them and she gives birth to a 140 kg baby after a 22-month pregnancy – the longest gestation period in the animal kingdom.

6.) Gorilla

  • Gorillas are strong creatures. They can lift 4,600 pounds which is equivalent to two family cars.
  • In the movie King Kong, he is depicted as a carnivore but in reality, gorillas are strictly herbivorous.

7.) Naked Mole Rat

  • Naked Mole rat’s teeth are very tough. Its incisor bite can go through a cement wall little by little.
  • Like ants and termites, one queen Naked Mole Rat, controls hundreds of Naked Mole Rats.

8.) Orangutan

  • Mother Orangutans are very caring and passionate mothers. They build beds every night for them and their youngster.
  • They swings over 61 m high in the trees on a limb while baby Orangutan hangs on their mother for dear life.
  • Orangutans are smart animals. They have found a way to escape the rain by putting a large leaf on top of their heads.

9.) Platypus

  • Platypuses have beaks of ducks, flippers of Otters and tails of beavers. 
  • They can detect the electrical impulses given off by its prey.
  • Male Platypuses hind limbs are venomous.

10.) Hippopotamus

  • Male Hippopotamuses are yucky animals. They fling dung or spread their poops everywhere with their tail.
  • They are mighty biters. They can open their jaw up to 170° and snap a crocodile in half.

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