Monday, February 3, 2020

The Oddest-Looking Frogs You’ll Ever See

Some frogs are lovely and colorful but some frog species are awfully bizarre in appearance. Here are some of the most peculiar-looking frogs in the world.

Indian Balloon Frog

The Indian Balloon Frog is one of the oddest-looking frogs in the world. It has a broad body that resembles a globe but its mouth is very narrow. It has very short front legs and this can be found in India. Its binomial name is Uperodon globulosus.

Myersiella microps

This bizarre-looking frog known as Myersiella microps is a frog species that looks like a hairless rat. It has a long snout and can be found in Brazil in South America. This threatened species due to loss of habitat lives in tropical and subtropical forests.

Cape Rain Frog

The Cape Rain Frog, scientifically known as Breviceps gibbosus is another peculiar-looking species of frog. It can be found in South Africa and is threatened by loss of habitat. It is also commonly known as Giant Rain Frog.

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